Obscurum per Obscuris

Obscurum per Obscuris

Obscurum per Obscuris

Obscurum per obscuris

Obscurum per Obscuris is an ancient Latin expression used to criticise explanations that, instead of providing an actual clarification, claim to shed light on the topic at hand through obscure arguments, making it even harder to really come to an actual understanding.

That is a crucial concept for me as a magician, since I’d like my shows to be made of contrasting emotions. Just like in a maze, when you think you’ve come to a solution and found your way out.. the tables are turned and so are the cards, in my case. This forces you to change your point of view.

My greatest inspiration comes from my university studies, especially film directing. More precisely, my admiration for Christopher Nolan and his works, built on compartmentalisation and Chinese boxes (see Memento and Inception).

“Don’t try to understand it, feel it.”

from the movie TENET

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